Northwest Autosports Association Mission Statement:

To promote the enjoyment of the automobile as sport, through all forms of automotive competition. To further the safety & education of the general public by demonstrating and encouraging safe driving techniques and drivers education.

Our signature event is an advanced driver skill building day for young adults. The number one cause of death and injury to young people is automobile accidents. This will be our 6th year providing a skill building experience for young people, in their own cars, to help save lives.


NWAA is a growing club. We are comprised of both experienced racers, rally drivers and autocross/solo enthusiasts, and new members interested in drag racing and drifting. We encourage all automotive enthusiasts to contact us. Our club activities run the gamut from shows and touring, to high speed hillclimbs, and there is certainly something for everyone. Our membership is open to anyone from 13 to �over the hill�.


Meetings are now held on event weekends, near the event. Please attend an event to go to the meeting! Those that wish to attend a meeting but can't make an event please contact the president or the webmaster for details on event day.


Members cars range from full race Sports Cars to Factory Stock Cars, Mini trucks and any thing in between. Everyone is welcome. We are very budget minded. All you need is an enjoyment of competition in Motorsports/Cars, and of course a vehicle.

Membership dues are $20 per year and can be paid to the treasurer at an event or [COMING SOON] on the website.


Many events are planned for 2014, visit the Events page for the full list of events.

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